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Need assistance paying for your registration?  

Elk River Wrestling provides financial aid through the Booster Club for those in need, Grades Pre-K through 12.  Please review the guidelines below and complete the attached form.

  1. In order to be considered for financial aid, the wrestler must be registered on the Elk River Wrestling website before the first day of practice. The Registration Aid form must completed and submitted to their respective coach.
  2. Wrestlers will not be allowed to practice until item #1 has been completed.
  3. The Elk River Wrestling Board will review the request and make a timely decision.
  4. The Elk River Wrestling Board will communicate the decision to the wrestler’s coach. 
  5. It is required that anyone receiving aid to volunteer an additional 4 hours (above your normal slotted hours) to Elk River Wrestling. 
  6. Deadline to submit this form is prior to the start of the wrestling.