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Elks Wrestling Booster Club Meeting

Next Meeting:
Sunday, August 16
6:30-8:00 pm
Location -- Elk River Golf Course

Booster Club Board Members

Tom Osberg, President

Seth Tribon, Vice President

Blake Christopherson, Treasurer

Karen Pool, Secretary

Miles Strain, Member at Large

Announcing Our New Board Members!

*  Vice President:  Seth Tribon  
Seth has lived in the Elk River district for 11 years. He wrestled in his high school days but now he is raising 4 children with two of them in the youth wrestling program. Over the past few years, Seth has been a POD coach and Level 1 coach for youth practices.

*  Treasurer:  Blake Christopherson  
          Blake has served Elk River Wrestling as the Youth Director for a couple years now. He will continue as the Youth Director as well taking on the Treasurer role for the Board. Blake has three boys in youth wrestling.

We would like to thank our outgoing Vice President, Rob Erickson and Treasurer, Ericka Larson for their time and dedication to Elk River Wrestling. We look forward to your continued support to the wrestling program.

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